House project from glued beams

House project from glued beams

As you know, the beginning of each construction is the creation of a plan by which it will occur. For this you do not need certain skills: the project is a matter of time and your desire.

If you firmly decide to design a future house, then you will have to prepare the following:

– The foundation plan. This is the easiest step in the design of the house: in the end, you should get the foundation with the depth of the house, a list of necessary materials and tools.

– Paul plan. Regardless of the main drawing, you will also need a detailed drawing of flooring with all beams.

– Floor plan. This type of plan is the most difficult, since it is on it that you will have to indicate the future location of the doors, windows, walls, as well as numbness the details that need to be done first.

– Broken walls of the house. This stage is necessary in order to find out how many bars in the end you will need. It is important to note that they must be considered along with wall cuts.

– to complete the plan will be the roof, which also needs to be in advance. This is the second most difficult plan of the whole house, since it is in it that it is important to take into account all the sizes of the rafter structure and fasteners.