Condensate on windows: causes

If at least sometimes you approach your windows, you can notice that even plastic windows are not protected from the so -called condensate that forms inside it. Naturally, this can negatively affect your form from the window, so so that this does not happen, you need to carefully monitor certain problems, which just lead to such consequences. Let’s turn to them now.

Firstly, condensate on your windows can form due to excessive humidity indoors, as well as due to the mismatch of temperature conditions in the room and outside. To get rid of this, you should only often do ventilation not only in the room where condensate has already appeared, but throughout the house, so that such problems are not created there either. But in order not to bother yourself very much, just purchase windows immediately, in which valve ventilation is already equipped.

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Secondly, if your window has become too much covered with drops of water, that is, condensate, then remember if you recently made a repair. If so, then this is the reason for the appearance of condensate, since fresh repairs, and this can be paint on the walls, wallpaper or tiles release a fairly large amount of moisture, so humidity in the entire room begins to increase sharply, hence the condensation on the windows. Unfortunately, except as by installing the ventilation system, you will not get rid of this, because mainly the release of moisture by building materials occurs several years.

Thirdly, if the slopes of your windows were not made as qualitatively as it should, namely, the tightness was violated, then this could also cause condensate. Even if the slopes were performed perfectly, but the material that was used when creating them was plaster, then this will most likely lead to the release of condensate on the windows.