We use optical illusions in the design of a small -sized apartment

I would like to offer one original solution for small apartments. If you cut the corners with drywall or put the corner wardrobes there, then the room will acquire an original look. The whole little things will hide in the cabinets, freeing the walls from the cabinets.

Thanks to an optical illusion, the room will become very interesting. However, the suspended ceiling and other modern designs only weight the room. They should be abandoned.

The small blurry pattern of the wallpaper also visually increases the room, pushes the walls, like horizontal stripes. But a large pattern or vertical stripes make the room visually smaller, closer. However, thinking about global, do not forget about trifles. Even a narrow border under the ceiling can visually lower the ceiling, and reduce the room with a high narrow mirror.

It is very simple to increase the height of the ceiling, staining the floor in bright or dark color, even in black, or against the background of white walls, cover the parquet floor with shiny varnish.

More complex optical illusions can be made with the help of light and a suspended ceiling. To do this, it is best to contact specialists, because this procedure will not be cheap, so you should not redo.

For Russian people, the most comfortable for a relaxing vacation are Scandinavian motives in the decor – these are muffled, calm colors. However, in some cases, Indian or African bright coloring will also be a wonderful opportunity to cheer up and raise their tone.

Of course, it is not worth completely changing furniture for the sake of achieving any effect when repairing an apartment. In one room, it is quite possible to install furniture of different designs, different styles and colors, simply adding something in common to each of them. For example, put a modern metal vase on the 18th-century sideboard, which will perfectly connect this interior item with a modern high-tech magazine table.

It helps to seek optical illusions (spreading the walls and the removal of ceilings) the color density, for example, dark, dense tones make the room tight, and light – voluminous, extensive. The same can be said about the shades of colors – bright (red, yellow), warm closer, and cold (blue, green), move.

If the ceilings are low, then do not divide the wall of the room into two parts with a clearly defined horizontal line – this will make the ceiling even lower. In such rooms, the wall should be coated homogeneous, from floor to ceiling, with one coating of the same color.

The balance in small apartments is very important – this can be achieved by painting the floor in one color in all rooms of the apartment. Walls in different rooms, albeit different colors, should have the same shade in saturation.