How to avoid freezing of plastic window systems

How to avoid freezing of plastic window systems

The main reason for freezing of plastic window systems is the accumulation of water condensate on the surface of the window and its subsequent freezing. The cause of condensate is increased humidity indoors. Due to the difference in temperature conditions on different sides of the window, water molecules located in the air are condensed on the surface of the glass and form a water layer.

In order to prevent the appearance of condensate on the windows, it is necessary to reduce the humidity level in the room and improve air circulation.

As you know, increased humidity is most often formed as a result of cooking, therefore, in the kitchen, to prevent condensation, it is necessary to install exhaust systems over the gas stove.

In order to improve air circulation, it is recommended to systematically ventilate the room. However, in the cold season it is impossible to ventilate the room, since there is a risk of hypothermia. Modern manufacturers of plastic window systems, as an optimal solution to this problem, offer to install special exhaust valves that prevent the penetration of cold air into the room.

Also, in order to avoid freezing of window systems, especially in the northern regions of the country, it is recommended to choose multi -chamber double -glazed windows made from energy -saving glasses and filled with inert gases.