Using Sibit in Construction

The Sibit trademark produces its products according to the most modern German technologies, due to which more than once received the difference, as one of the best and most modern products of Russia. Ass concrete blocks are most often used in Siberia for the construction of industrial and private structures.

Distinctive characteristics of Sibitia

One of the most important characteristics that distinguishes Sibit from the same ceramic brick is the ease of blocks. One of the smallest blocks has a weight of not more than 18 kg, while 15 bricks can weigh up to 80 kg.

After the construction of any building, as a rule, it is necessary to carry out work on sound – and thermal insulation. Sibitan blocks do not need additional cladding at all, because the walls of them serve as a good insulating material. It is also worth mentioning separately thermal insulation properties that will help save about 20% of heat.

Due to the excellent vapor permeability, in the room that is built from the Sibitian blocks there will be a good air exchange, and excess moisture will evaporate quickly.

Sibitia gas concrete blocks are highly frost -resistant due to their structure. Когда влага попадает на поверхность блоков, она достаточно быстро испаряется, а если вода, попадая, замерзает и расширяется, то материал совершенно не деформируется. Thanks to such characteristics, Sibit can last several hundred years.

At the end of the list of all the positive characteristics of Sibit, it is also worth focusing on the fact that with the help of such blocks, construction is carried out very quickly, and the material itself is easily lend itself to various processing and changes in size.

Thanks to its characteristics, Sibit can be used in completely any construction.

Application in construction

After the purchase of Sibit in Novosibirsk, it is important to remember for construction:

Blocks are easily lend on various processing;

The blocks are fragile, so the delivery of cargo should be carried out very carefully. It is better to use a drill in work;

To minimize moisture absorption, it is better to cover the walls with a finishing layer;

For laying blocks, a specialized solution is used, which is developed only for Sibitus, and provides rapid and reliable clutch;

During the construction of the foundation, you can save well, because the design will weigh much less.

The use of modern construction methods will allow the construction of structures much faster.