How to lay linoleum in the kitchen

How to lay linoleum in the kitchen

In the process of repair, the question often arises of flooring, especially in those places where it is most often subjected to various domestic influences: in the kitchen or in the hallway.

One of the least costly and convenient ways to solve this issue is the use of linoleum. Its surface is easily cleaned, and with a possible drop in dishes in the kitchen, the soft surface will not let the cup or plate break, which is also important in everyday life.

Before starting laying linoleum, it is necessary to dismantle the old floor surface and be sure to align it, which is necessary for proper styling and further comfort.

You can make the floor even with the help of modern materials, in particular, self -leveling, which, after application, must completely dry. If the surface is flat, then it is necessary to grind it further using a universal primer. This is necessary for better adhesion of linoleum on the floor.

Before laying, the material must be decomposed to the entire area and let it lie down so that it becomes as smooth as possible, without “bugs”.

Further, wrapping it in the front part inward, we begin to glue, applying glue in small stripes and slowly gluing them to the floor, while pressing strongly. If everything is done correctly, then linoleum will lie evenly and tightly.

And finally, it is necessary to install the baseboard, best, attaching them to the wall so that they press the linoleum around the perimeter.