How to prepare drywall for wallpaper sticking

Gypsum cardboard sheets, of course, are smooth, but they must also be prepared for wallpaper sticking. With high -quality and thorough preparation of drywall, the subsequent gluing gluing will be quite simple and quick.

After the mounting of drywall has been completed, you need to cover the sheets with the first layer of primer. When choosing a composition for priming, it is necessary to remember what room it will be used for. If for a bathroom or kitchen, it is better to choose a primer with an antifungal component.

Plac cardboard can be primed not only with special compounds, but also with water diluted with PVA glue, olifa, wallpaper glue or water -soluble paint. A mixture for priming, on the entire surface of the drywall sheets, is applied with a wide brush or roller, trying to avoid passes.

Four hours later, at normal temperature, you can close the joints of sheets and places where self -tapping screws were twisted. Previously, on these zones, as well as into the corners, glue a special mesh tape – a sickle. Putty material is densely applied on top of the Serpi.

The hats of self -tapping screws, before covering them with putty, is best painted in order to prevent the appearance of rust.

After the putty has dried up, it is necessary to sandy places with sandpaper. After that, you can start puttying the entire surface of the drywall sheets with a spatula. Experts recommend two -layer puttying. At the same time, the first layer is best made from coarse -grained putty, and the second – finish. After the wall is completely dry, it must be sanded with fine -grained sandpaper, or with a special net, until the wall is completely smooth and smooth. It is important that the thickness of the first and second layer of putty does not exceed four millimeters.

After clushing, the surface of the sheets of drywall and the room itself will be very dusty. All this dust must be assembled using a vacuum cleaner, and then cover the plasterboard sheets with another layer of primer.