Independent installation of interior doors

Before starting the installation of interior doors, remember that their service life depends not only on the material, but also on the impeccable professional installation.

An ideal option is to call specialists who will install the doors reliably and quickly. You can use such a service in the store where you get the door. If you call a specialist, for some reason does not go out, you can install the door yourself. However, before installing, consult a sales consultant. Independent installation of doors will help save a lot of cash.

Before starting installation, it is necessary to solve the issue with the flooring. If linoleum is used as a floor covering, then first it should be eliminated. Any folds can prevent the door installation. If a laminate or parquet is laid on the floor, then the door installation should only be carried out after the installation of the flooring.

Before you start installing the door, you should check the canvas and accessories for marriage during production or transportation. There should be a technological gap to 20 millimeters between the door and the doorway. It should be filled with sealant.

The door box should be attached using special devices – anchor bolts. All visible gaps fill with mounting foam. Make sure that it does not spoil the surface of the canvas. Maslar tape during such work can be an indispensable assistant. After installing the door, the box is framed by platbands that are attached to liquid nails.