Installation of a continuous slab foundation

As everyone knows, an integral part of the construction of any house is the foundation. We will consider the production of a continuous slab foundation on small sand.

First we need to remove the plant layer. The easiest way to do this is with the help of special equipment – bulldozer, then moving the area manually. The even horizontal area should form.

Next, it is necessary to form the formwork. It is a “stairs” knocked out of the bars. Inward “stairs” vertically fasten the boards, forming the so -called “sandboxes”, in which it will need to be filled with large sand and pour all this with water. Tam the resulting surface, get a high surface density and cover with a thick plastic film (can be attached to the boards with a construction stapler). Work with the foundation is completed? Then find out rubber crumb price. Learn also the cost of sports coatings and rubber tiles.

Distribute the racks evenly along the perimeter of the stairs, thereby fixing the formwork. Also, shave the outer formwork to the racks, additionally strengthening them with struts. Comers the verification level.

Released formwork from the inside Put with pargamine. Under the bearing walls, lay the reinforcement frames. Mark the marking on which put the reinforcing rods of the lower grid. Tie them with wire twisting to the frames. Attach the clamps (or “chanterelles”) to the lower reinforcing mesh). Connect the upper reinforcing mesh with a step of 20 cm to them.

Place concrete from the mixer and evenly distribute the formwork. Wooden rail align the concrete surface. The foundation plate is ready.