Restoration of an old wooden window

If you have the opportunity to put metal -plastic windows – this is good. Metal -plastic window structures for a long time will be able to save you from noise, dust and drafts. But if you cannot afford it, or old wooden windows in good condition, then it is time to update them, t. e. repair! In order for wooden windows to have a good view, it will be necessary to remove the old paint from them, plow, and then paint. This work is complex and painstaking, but in the end, at the end of work, you will be happy with your updated windows.

It is immediately necessary to remove all the latches, pens, as well as promote the bolts that tighten the frame. Then you need to clean the window structure from the old paint. By and large, you can only remove the layer of paint that is weak. If you do not remove the paint, then the new layer will lie badly and quickly exfoliate. The best option would be to remove the old paint with a professional hairdryer and spatula. The hairdryer is able to heat the paint so that it is exfoliated with “cakes”, and with the other hand the spatula, you completely clean all the remnants of the paint.

The next step is the putty of the frame. This is done with a special putty. Add that putty must be made up. The dried surface of a wooden frame must be cleaned with sandpaper. In the event that you restore a window from a unpainted wood, then before painting it must be immediately primed. The repair work ends on this. We go to painting the window. It is better for wooden windows to use oil paint. It is safe, durable and safe. But she also has her “minus” – she dries for a long time. It is best to paint window frames with a spray gun or a special roller.

Exclusive monuments produced in solitary performance are the embodiment of art created taking into account individual wishes. Reflecting personal features of a person. Using a similar opportunity, you gently emphasize the pain of loss, expressing your love and respect.