Italian brand in the interior of the house

The fashionable and always relevant style of the Italian designer house Missoni, despite a rather solid story, is still the freshness of ideas and unconditional recognition. This is a combination of plant and geometric patterns, color combinations and juices are perceived as a trading sign, “Copyright” in the world of fashion.

Beginning of activities in the fashion market

The Italian family of Missoni is known to more than an active position in the fashion market – this is one of the leaders who set their clothing collections with their collections of fashion trends, relatively not only color and shape, but also the textures of materials, the nature of the decoration and jewelry, and even the loop of fashionable aroma.

Implementing the expansion program, in 1983 the company opened a new direction – home interior items. In cooperation with a well -established partner in the production of furniture and interior items – TJ Vestor, the production of interior fabrics was started, which was the birthday of the Missoni Home trademark.

Today, the development and production of furniture fabrics is no longer limited by the interest of Missoni Home – each new collection becomes a little more due to the appearance of more and more elements. Already now with their logo you can buy:

fabric for curtains and curtains;

bed sheets;

bedspreads and pillows;


bathroom sets;

bathrobes and home clothes;

home textiles;

interior decor;


Ideas for new products

The fact that the products of such a well -known brand have clearly expressed signs of belonging to the Missoni family can be explained by an unchanged concept – soft eclecticism, impeccable and diverse strip, perfectly selected fabrics.

An interesting trend can always be observed in the products of this bright and creative design team – as soon as a new color scheme or a hit print on dresses, skirts or jackets has received a recognition of the sophisticated audience, so you can see the beloved trends immediately on pillows, bedspreads or dining rooms.

To be always in the center of events and to foresee tastes and moods a little – this is an invaluable quality that helps Missoni always be relevant and in demand.

Fill your life in a good mood and find for yourself everything that have been looking for a long time! Variety of choice and excellent quality of the presented products from the leading manufacturer.