Ivanteevka and Ramenskoye?

Korolev, Ramenskoye, Ivanteevka, and many other cities near Moscow become a favorite place of buying apartments not only coming here, but the indigenous inhabitants of the capital. Buying housing is a serious step for any family, with any income. If you came across an announcement: the sale of apartments in Ivanteevka, do not be lazy and go there to personally see what kind of green city it is. Ivanteevka is in the immediate vicinity of Moscow (17 km to the northeast). The city lies on both banks of the River Teach. Significant areas occupy green spaces. The nursery of decorative and fruit crops (267 ha) located in the city plays a large role in the ecological component of the Ivanteevka. In the immediate vicinity of the city, numerous boarding houses and rest houses are located, so you will never have a question where to go on a day off, or on a short vacation, to improve health. Ivanteevka is an active industrial center, there is always work for specialists of any fields. For families with children, an important factor when choosing an apartment here will be a developed social infrastructure: 13 kindergartens and 7 schools, which is very good for a small city.

An alternative option can be Ramensk. A landscaped city, with many parks, squares, lakes. This is a dynamically developing center of the Moscow Region, with developed infrastructure. Despite the fact that not a single large highway passes through the city (a big plus for ecology) to get to the capital is no problem, since the Ramenskoye station is located on the territory of the city, as well as 3 platforms, which makes it possible to get to the metropolis in less than an hour. By the way,

The new buildings of Ramenskoye are amazing not only with external beauty, recently there has been a tendency to paint at home in bright colors, but also the affordability of prices. Developers offer a variety of credit options and their repayment schemes.

If you look for an apartment in the suburbs, it is cheaper than in the capital, and the ecology is much better here, although far from the ideal, pay attention to these two cities, where there are many parks, squares, ponds. And real estate agencies will help you choose, exactly what you want, satisfying both in price and in quality, in the immediate vicinity of the Ivanteevsky reserve or with a view of one of the oldest temples in Ramensky.