Konopatim wooden house from a log house

During the hemp of a wooden house, the master will have to fill all the cavities of the joints around the circumference of the house, in the corners and bowls. You can complete the hemp work with a wrap with a rope, this will not only give the house the effect of completeness, aesthetic appearance, but also prevent the “theft” of the material from the slots with feathers and rodents.

The hemp procedure should not be performed when the gaps have already appeared and formed, but long before that, when they just began to form. It is better to use the advice and services of a special company. In this case, you will save not only time, but also forces, as well as, you will be sure that the hemp is produced efficiently and on time, because you cannot risk warmth in the winter period. The cleaning of the sewage system in Kyiv is especially relevant during the operation of the wooden house, this service is provided at an affordable price and will be excellent.

As a material for insulation, ribbon seals for intervention filling are increasingly used. Make them from jute and linen. At the assembly stage of the log house they are laid in grooves without bending. Also use unilateral or bilateral bending. The material is conveniently fixed with a construction stapler.

Jute seal is good because it gives out moisture perfectly and is almost not rotted. In the process of shrinkage, its structure is compacted evenly, which is very important. Flax is the most affordable in cost of non -woven materials. It is distinguished by excellent qualities of elasticity, durability and thermal conductivity. It is produced in the form of flax fiber, otherwise Eurolol, as well as linen packages. In addition to flax fiber, linen felt or Lnovatin is used