History of the Chinese New Year

Since the Chinese New Year begins on the first day of spring in the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is also widely known as the spring festival, especially the Western residents. Although the Chinese New Year is always celebrated by the Chinese, not many know the origin of the Chinese New Year.

The myth once said that, “nian” (the meaning of the year in Chinese) was actually the name of the animal, which began to attack rural residents of the night before the New Year begins. The animal was hiding in the village and, began to attack them when night came. Buy gift bags from an organza wholesale.

This animal was very well known because of his mouth, which was large enough to swallow a group of people. The animal began to attack rural residents and swallow them. Therefore, rural residents were always afraid of the end of each year, namely, when the day comes on which the animal would begin to attack them. Rural residents became the prey of an animal.

One fine day, rural residents were saved by an old man who told the animal there are other animals instead of innocent rural residents. Immediately after this, the old man was noticed on the back of the beast. Since then, the old man never appears.

Rural residents then considered that the old man who saved their life was actually sent by God down to save them.

The peaceful life of rural inhabitants returned to the previous direction. On the advice, the old man, rural residents began to glue red paper jewelry on the windows and doors to prevent the attack of the animal. That the animal does not return, rural residents still listen to the old man’s advice and glue them every year.

Thus, the tradition is transmitted from generation to generation, and the term ‘guo nian’ is used. ‘Go nanny’ literally literally means “survive”. Rural residents survived a year, therefore, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with red jewelry.

To this day, the tradition of decorating a house with red is still in practice, but many have no idea why red and fireworks are used during the Chinese New Year. People these days believe that red brings them wealth.