Laying tiles in the bathroom

Laying tiles in the bathroom

For facing the walls of the bathroom, such material as tiles is ideal. It is made specifically for rooms with high humidity. If you want to put this beauty on the walls yourself, then I would like to say right away that this is a very difficult matter.

To make it easier to make the calculations of improvised materials, I advise you to get acquainted with the next list.

In order to lay a square meter of tiles you will need:

Tile tile – 1 meter square;

The primer “Hercules-Stabilizing”-500 g;

Glue for tiles;

Plastic crossings for seams – 12 pcs.;

Water – 1 liter.

The necessary tools:

Two levels (2 meters and 15 cm);

Building meter;



Two spatulas (flat, with cloves).

Materials and tools are ready. You gathered with thoughts. We get to work.

We moisten the entire surface of the wall abundantly with a primer. A metal profile is attached to the wall at the height at which the tile will begin. Tiles will rest on it. You can use the most ordinary nails for this purpose. During the masonry of the tile, the level is checked all the time.

Apply glue with a thickness of 1 cm to the tile. grooves make grooves. And gradually glue the tile to the wall. Between the tiles put crosses. So that everything is dried up, we wait a day.