Marble floor: strengths and weaknesses

Marble floor: strengths and weaknesses

When performing the flooring, materials can be used that differ in practical characteristics. Including with this purpose, marble can be used. It is worth finding out in what kind of advantages and disadvantages that such material differs in order to facing the floor surface.

The main advantage of the use of marble in the role of flooring should be called that it has especially significant strength. Such a finish can cope with a large load, as well as remain in good condition with the constant presence of mechanical abrasion.

From the advantages of marble flooring, the highest moisture resistance and interesting appearance should also be distinguished. You can use marble floors in any room, even in the bathroom.

But the floor of marble has low thermal insulation. At the same time, its arrangement is very expensive. So that the marble floor is preserved in good condition, it is periodically necessary to carry out its repair, which is quite complicated.

Do not forget that without proper care of marble, cracks quickly appear. They noticeably worsen the appearance of the coating, and also contribute to the appearance of serious contaminants and the reproduction of microbes.