Laying of a dumpfer tape

After all installation work, windows and doors are installed in the room, the work of the plaster type is completed, the level of the final coating is marking, in order to connect water and electricity, sewage, then the points are displayed and the niches are prepared under the distribution cabinet. The basis for such work should be even and clean. If the high -altitude bumps of the area occupying one coil, and cannot exceed five tenths of centimeters. If this is not the case, then you need to draw a screed of the base. If the floor is built on the ground, then waterproofing is required.

Vapor barrier can be made of polyethylene film, which has a thickness of more than two hundred μm. This film protects the insulation from excessive humidity. In this case, the polystyrene will serve as a material for absorption of humidity and thereby lose the soundproof and thermal insulation properties.

The film must be laid out by ten/ fifteen centimeters, and glue the joints with tape. Near the walls of the edge you need to wrap them on the entire thickness of the layer of the heat floor.

The dumping tape has the form of a strip of polymer having a thickness of five tenths of centimeters, a width of twelve to eighteen centimeters. This tape can compensate for thermal expansion of the screed and can suppress the occurrence from the floor to the walls of the heat bridge.

After the basis was leveled, you need to lay the tape along the walls. In this case, it can protrude over the height of the flooring of the floor by two centimeters.