Log in the interior decoration

Lining is a wooden board used in construction. It is most often used for internal work. Do -it -yourself trimming trim is not as easy as you imagine. Sometimes it is best to call a good master and pay him money so as not to spoil the material himself. Today, a lining is a win -win option for interior design, since wood is outside of fashion. She is natural, safe and beautiful. Installation of the lining does not require great dexterity and experience, the surface for it does not need to be aligned and carefully prepared. The lining is divided into 4 classes depending on the quality. The most smooth, flat, not having knots and, accordingly, the most expensive lining of the Extra class. It is followed by classes A, B and C. C-class board is the cheapest, however, its quality is adequate to the price. There can be many holes from knots on one plank. However, these flaws are easily corrected by mounting foam and opened with varnish. Therefore, before chasing the ideal, think, but suddenly it will be possible to save and buy something else with the remaining money?

Currently, everything regarding the variety of wood, the most universal and affordable is pine. This makes it the most popular among buyers. For decoration of a bathhouse or sauna, a linden lining is best suited, because this variety of wood is not afraid of temperature changes and looks very great. Cedar, oak, larch are the least popular because of the high price, because many people do not have much money and they prefer cheaper materials. The red tree is even more expensive, but it looks truly luxurious.