Natural material wallpaper

Play is used such as cotton, steppe herbs, flax, palm trees, bamboo, jute, sisal, papyrus and other plant materials. The process of manufacturing wallpaper is very long and painstaking. The materials are thoroughly sorted, then washed, then dried with ultraviolet rays. When all this is done, you can proceed to the next stage. Fibers weave in a certain sequence, receiving a certain pattern.

In this case, the drawing is fastened not only with threads, but also with glue. The finished pattern is also painted with natural pigments of yellow, brown and greenish colors. If you see natural wallpaper somewhere, then most likely you will immediately recognize them. They are not difficult to distinguish any others. They look like thin -tone mats and matting.

Since the fibers themselves are unique in appearance and in the shade, the patterns made from them are also unique. This pattern is fastened with woven cotton, hemp, linen threads. Palm trees, for example, have an extraordinary embossed structure, the bamboo looks like a dark color material with light green veins. The most popular was the wallpaper that are intertwined from various wood species.

They have good hypoallergenic and sound -absorbing properties. In order to protect them from the process of decay and fading from the sun, their canvases are processed with a special composition. They have, like many other materials and their shortcomings. This is a high price and the fact that not all are taken for their manufacture.

This article may help you make a well-balanced choice in favor of any wallpaper. She sanctified, how the wallpaper made of natural materials is made, from which they are made. Such a choice may be very useful for those who have an allergy to any components of any standard wallpaper or, simply, those who love to be beautiful. We hope you make a choice that will never disappoint you.