Ondulin or Metalocerepitsa: Advantages and disadvantages

Ondulin or metal tiles: advantages and disadvantages

In construction, the question often arises, what is better to use for the roof – ondulin or metal tile?

To do this, consider some advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

Metal tape is a material for a roof of profiled steel with a polymer surface, which protects against corrosion and serves as a decoration of the material. It is easy to install, light. The metal tile is quite long -term in use, resistant to large temperature changes, and also has a high water production and strength coefficient.

Disadvantages are low soundproofing, as well as when coating a roof of a complex shape, the material consumption increases.

Ondulin, or euro slate is a roofing material that has a wave profile. The material is a high -strength, wavy basis of which gives resistance to various mechanical loads, has high noise insulation. The main drawback of Ondulin is his combustibility. To ensure water resistance, ondulin is impregnated with bitumen, and therefore it has low fire safety. Under the influence of solar radiation and various weather phenomena, the bright coloring of the material is lost and the sheets become inconspicuous. Also, strength depends on the sharp temperature differences.

The final choice, nevertheless, depends on the consumer. But we must remember that no matter what choice would be made, it is not worth saving on the acquisition of material for the roof, because such savings can turn into further even greater expenses.