Operating procedure.

Operating procedure.

Before starting work, it is necessary to draw up a plan, a list of work and materials. Professionals in the field of construction do so. In the process of work, this saves time and avoid problems. In your plan, you can also provide for the supply of building materials for their storage and, if necessary, the possibility of ordering additional goods.

Preliminary planning

Operating procedure

Depending on the duration of your construction, it is necessary to determine the procedure for storing materials. If you do not have the possibility of storing material in special rooms, then you should not make a purchase in full. After all, open -air storage can bring into unusable your material. The place for storage is determined taking into account convenient access to the materials and the possibility of moving around the site without restrictions.

In the case of using additional equipment (concrete mixer, installation for drilling, etc. D.) that you have to order, take it. You need to decide specifically with time to use them.

Delivery of materials – you need to plan, agree so that the time and delivery time does not delay your construction time and at the same time do not distract you, for example, from your main work. Do not forget, also about the noise that can cause inconvenience to your neighbors. Work related to high noise should be coordinated with them. And in conclusion, you should decide on the amount of materials, quality, design as well as the necessary amount of funds. To do this, you need to make an estimate, if you cannot do this yourself, you should seek help from specialists. When compiling an estimate, 10% is a reserve, materials may rise in price and the quantity may not be enough due to the marriage in the process of work. Now all aspects are taken into account and you can safely get down to business!