Stairs and their diversity

Stairs and their diversity

The main criteria are designed to connect with the next floor of the house. Produced various designs, but everyone must meet one requirements. Basic requirements are safety, strength, compliance with fire requirements and sufficient width for evacuation, extension of interior items and equipment

Constructive features

The main components of stairs are a platform, staircase and fences with handrails (railing). March is a prefabricated design connecting the platforms, the composition includes a number of steps, inclined and supporting beams. By the way, now a digital voltmeter is very popular in more detail about it will not be superfluous.

Forms of stairs

– Direct

– With a turn

– curved

– Rifle

Recently, screw stairs have been in great demand. Which occupy little space, not laborious, accessible in financial terms.

Choose a staircase

The first thing we pay attention to this compliance with your design and features of the house, strict compliance with security standards. When making a choice, take into account the weight and dimensions of users of the stairs, the product providing space and comfort will be the perfect choice.