Parquet cycle technique

Parquet immediately after laying must be well gone. Such an operation allows you to make the bar pure after inevitable pollution during their styling, smooth out the shortcomings that could occur in the planks due to temperature and humidity drops in the room. It also helps to improve the quality of adhesion of the following layers – soil and varnish. The better this operation will be done, the better the floor will look at the completion of construction and repair work.

Grinding is carried out through the use of special grinding machines. With their help, the upper layer of the strips is removed by 0.2-0.3 mm. By the type of working unit, it is customary to distinguish between several types of grinding machines differing from each other.

So on sale there are grinding machines made in the CIS countries called drum. Unfortunately, they often do not cope with their task and cannot achieve the desired result. This is due to the joint on abrasive material and weakening of the tension of this material during operation. The use of these machines can lead to the appearance of a defect in the form of a rowan on the floor.

Ribbon grinding machines are produced using seamless (demon) abrasive tape in them. Such devices are used at the first stage of the grinding process.

Plant grinding machines are also distinguished, in which a grinding unit is represented in the form of a disk with an abrasive coating. Among these devices are a three -lech -grinding machine designed for thin, intermediate grinding of varnish coatings and performing a large number of parquet care procedures.