Abdavali Komilov answered the question of our newspaper about how the railway will be built, which will connect the center and south of Tajikistan with the Sogdian region. Recall that recently some media reported that the state -owned company Tajik Railways plans to put into operation such a railway branch that will bypass Uzbekistan by September.

“Currently, work is underway to prepare a technical and economic justification of the relevant project,” the agency director said, “now talk about the beginning and end of construction, as well as the cost of the project – prematurely”.

The head of the agency also answered the question of why South Korean builders are not erecting residential buildings in Dushanbe.

“The South Korean construction company, registered in Dushanbe, received plots in the capital for the construction of residential buildings from 24 to 30 floors,” said. Komilov, – but today I cannot find representatives of this company. I organized meetings between them, the Prime Minister of Tajikistan and the chairman of Dushanbe. I was asked: “Komilov, where is this company?”But I can’t find them”.

– In the future, if orders will come to us, we will build new residential buildings in Dushanbe. Moreover, we will ensure the workplaces of citizens who need work in construction specialties. We are doing this now. 20-25 people from Dushanbe and some areas of Tajikistan participate in the construction of the house on Pushkin Street. They get a good salary. The construction of frame houses involves about thirty people. So it is not at all necessary to go to other CIS countries to work in the construction industry.

Just two steps from this construction site, 42 Pushkina Street, the construction of another nine -story residential building continues in full swing, and 24, between the Bank for the Development of Tajikistan and the building of the former embassy of Afghanistan, the construction of another nine -story residential building began on Pushkin Street, and the building of the former embassy of Afghanistan. Also with the shopping center. The metropolitan construction company “Nana” is being built by these buildings.