The main types of siding

Siding is a special casing consisting of panels that imitate wooden decoration of production buildings or residential premises.

It is a relatively young building material that was first used in the United States of America in the late fifties of the last century. Then this material came to Canada, and from it to European countries. In our country, in the building materials market, Siding appeared at the end of the 20th century, immediately after the collapse of the USSR. Since then, the demand for it is constantly growing. By the way, if you decide to independently install this casing, then we recommend that you read the instructions for the installation of siding on third-party Internet portals.

The name of this material is borrowed. In the United States, the word sidinig is used to denote the technology of facade sewing with a certain attachment material. Just classic American construction technologies, the thicket of everything implies precisely a frame-and-loser way of erecting a building. This method implies the creation of a supporting frame, which is then sheathed with facade building materials – most often with ordinary boards. It is worth noting that these boards were sewn with a Christmas tree, overlapping. Thus, builders did not need to make additional protection against wind and bad weather. Thus, by siding they mean the process of facade lining with ordinary boards.

However, in Russia, the classification of types of siding is carried out according to the type of basic material used to skin the building. That is, a regular tree does not have to act as building materials. So, there is: cement siding, aluminum siding, vinyl siding (PVC), wooden siding and steel siding.