Parquet is the perfect material for flooring in the apartment.

This is especially true for those houses where young children live. The fact is that here quite often you have to perform wet cleaning. And the parquet makes it possible to constantly maintain the floor clean and unpretentious in operation. In addition, anyone can lay the parquet board if it acquires all the necessary tools and will clearly follow the technology.

After you purchase a parquet board in a construction store, it should be placed for 48 hours in an apartment where repairs will be carried out. The material must undergo acclimatization. This will further avoid deformations and other troubles. The design of apartments always begins with thorough preparation. Paul is no exception. The surface must be clean and dry. Particular attention should also be paid to surface evenness. On an uneven floor, you should not lay a parquet board. It will be very noticeable.

Parquet laying always start from the window and move towards the door. It is worth noting that the glue connection of the first joint should dry at least 30 minutes. Pay attention to the placement of longitudinal seams. They should be parallel to the falling light.

Boards are mainly glued with special waterproof glue. But there may be deviations. Here you should rely on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the material. Do not worry if the glue protrudes outside the seams. It can easily be removed with a simple spatula. But this must be done no later than after 10 minutes, otherwise the glue will dry out.

The humidity in the room during operation should be at the level of 50-60%.