Telescopic loaders in the Russian market

As a rule, foreign equipment very slowly and leisurely comes to our markets, even if it is unique in its own way and allows you to expand the possibilities for conducting certain operations by an order of magnitude. Unfortunately, our society really does not like to change the usual way in life, even accept innovation to use significantly, greatly facilitating life. First of all, of course, this applies to the older generation, which is used to carrying out construction or agricultural work, as they say, grandfathers.

But if you can greatly facilitate your task, turning your own gaze to a foreign market, why not take such an opportunity? Present to your attention

The telescopic loader, who has been to Europeans and North Americans for more than thirty years, and we have come to the domestic market recently.

The main advantage of such an unit is its versatility and maneuverability. Such a loader is able to lift goods weighing up to two and a half tone, distributing them at an altitude of up to thirty meters. In addition, the use of a wide variety of “nozzles” and appropriate equipment allow this loader to dig and dig ground, move not only goods, but also materials without packaging, spread agricultural fertilizers through the fields of fields and so on.

As for the maneuverability of such lifting equipment, here the manufacturers have provided the possibility of both all -wheel drive and front -wheel drive control of the telescopic type loader, and also “added” to the list of its properties in and functions the possibility of “crab motion”, which is very useful when used on a limited one Maneuvers of space.