Paul concreting technology

When repairing the apartment, sometimes the question arises of high -quality floor repair and concreting the base is one of the best solutions. After proper concreting, the floor becomes even, there are no slopes or protrusions, when concreting, you can make an effective ventilation system, or simply mount a warm floor system into concrete masonry.

Let us consider in more detail preparations for pouring the base of the floor. Firstly, it is necessary to get rid of the current gender. All boards, lags and transverse bases are removed. After that, the surface is cleaned, it is best to wash everything and then dry thoroughly. If moisture remains, then fungi can form in the future and an unpleasant smell arises. After performing these works, the base must be covered with something waterproof, you can use ordinary polyethylene. If this is not done, then your filling can be found in the inter -stratum cavities, the path to which can open through the seams of the walls. Part may even spoil their lives to neighbors.

After all preparatory work, it is necessary to install level flags that will show the surface of our future sex and help evenly distribute the concrete mass throughout the floor. Flags are better to make metal, in extreme cases from more durable wood.

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Here are all preparatory work and it is fashionable to start pouring concrete. The lesson is quite laborious, which will take a lot of time, but the results of that are worth. After filling the entire room, you can leave it for drying, which under normal conditions lasts from four days to a week. If humidity is increased, then it can take more time.

The last step will be the equalization of the surface at first with thick and then liquid springs. After processing first, the surface must also be left until completely dry. After drying out liquid parts, you can proceed to laying insulation and gender.