Why do you need to enter the SRO?

All companies in the construction market for the repair, reconstruction and construction of buildings and structures need to be allowed to receive SRO, and the work of which directly affects the future safety of objects. In addition to unconditional management in this market segment, to participate in this self -regulatory organization, it is necessary to issue proper certification. For registration of control, a mandatory package of documents should be provided, which includes in addition to all the contact and registration data of the enterprise, also information on the qualifications of employees, as well as the necessary equipment, machines and inventory for construction, which is necessary in order to directly carry out activities.

In construction, entry into the SRO is a mandatory step, which is regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, which is in force regardless of territorial borders, a temporary framework, without reference to the place of registration of a construction organization, the location of the facility for which contracting work is drawn up. The cost of the entry is affected by the list of specialties that will be declared and the deadlines for registration.

The duration of the procedure for entering the SRO is directly dependent on the correctness of the design and drawing up of the package provided by the construction organization of documents, as well as compliance with all the deadlines for notification and submitting this documentation in a self -regulatory organization.

Membership in the SRO is possible when paying entrance fees, which are established by each organization personally. In addition, the UG insurance procedure is available, carried out in parallel with the issuance of certification. This allows you to slightly reduce CV, as well as protect against financial risks that are formed due to certain shortcomings in the work of participants. As a result of joining this organization, bureaucratic red tape is reduced, worthy professional and economic support to the participants is ensured.