Taxi drivers offer residents of Murmansk new rules

In Murmansk, a new Internet is earned by a private carrier system called Indriver. Unlike ordinary taxi services, which many people have already used to get used to, including a taxi in Moscow, the new Internet passenger transportation system offers its users the following, very significant advantages:

1. The very low cost of transportation, which, moreover, through a smartphone, passengers can also be appointed independently.

2. Very fast feeding of a booked car to the desired place. After the new transportation system has earned, the taxi supply speed decreased almost double. Today, people have to wait for a car for no more than three minutes.

3. Using a smartphone and a special application that is installed on it, you can choose a car brand, see the driver’s name, reviews about it and its ratings. You can also see the distance from the driver to the passenger, as well as what route the car is moving.

Such high techniques allows you to produce the necessary orders literally in one click. There is no need, call the dispatcher, store taxi numbers and much more, since all this is not required with the Indriver system.

This Internet project is gaining more and more popularity today. As a rule, its main users are young and energetic people who are owners of mobile devices. Often it is people of this category that are not very satisfied with the quality of the excavation of a regular taxi, as well as very high prices for their services.

Therefore, this system of passenger transportation, over time, will establish in Murmansk completely new quality standards in servicing its customers, providing them to independently choose a passage scheme and its cost through the Internet.