Pile foundation: advantages and disadvantages

What is a pile foundation and what it is eaten with? The pile foundation is a certain number of piles driven into the ground. Piles are made with the help of steel, wood, or concrete. The piles are connected on top with a stove for better stability. There is a sharp end at one end of the pile, it helps to place piles in the ground with driving.

One of the important advantages of the pile foundation is its resistance to great weight. Depending on the material from which the piles are made, the load on each of them can be from two to five tons, which generally gives the foundation a good bearing capacity. That is why they prefer to use a pile foundation for the construction of residential buildings not on the most successful soil. The pile foundation is quite universal and with its help you can install the house on almost any soil, it is necessary to determine the depth of the installation, the installation method, as well as the material from which the piles will be executed.

Prices for the pile foundation vary quite strongly and depend on the material from which piles are made. The highest price for piles made of concrete, the load on such piles is almost twice as higher than for the cheapest, wooden piles.

Advantages of the foundation from piles: low price at high load, fast installation, there is no strong attachment to the days of the year.

Disadvantages: problems with the construction of a large basement, underground or garage; the inability to install such a foundation without special equipment.

To install a pile foundation, you need to contact specialists in order for them to analyze the soil.