Plates with mounting ribs for vaulted coatings

Plates with mounting ribs for vaulted coatings

Flat (linear) designs of coatings, which combine supporting structures in the form of beams or farms with a frequent net of columns and enclosing structures in the form of plates, are widely used mainly due to the relative ease of installation. Increasing the pitch of the columns so weights the structure that it is uneconomical in terms of consumption of materials. In such designs, it is impossible to rationally use materials, especially reinforced concrete, armat cement and other structural materials.

New effective building materials open up wide opportunities for creating various design solutions that ensure a significant reduction in the total weight of buildings and structures and increase their efficiency.

In recent years, in the practice of construction, a tendency has been determined to erect gastric premises with spatial coatings. This coating is about 80% of the surface of the building. In most cases, it has attractiveness and almost does not require care.

The use of spatial coatings is of great importance in the construction of public buildings (shopping centers, circuses, exhibition pavilions) and especially when erecting structures serving transport (hangars, garages, stations, warehouses).

It can be confidently noted that loosened coatings are becoming increasingly common in world and Soviet architecture.

However, the construction of such coatings is still experimental in nature. The shells with effective designs and economical materials that are built with the help of supporting forests are ultimately more time-consuming and expensive than the designs of the beam-wall system.