Preparation of wooden, internal walls for plaster

The internal walls of the new, built shield, wooden or frame houses can be placed, a year and a half after the construction. If these works are carried out in the winter, then a permanent ventilation and heating system is needed. For high -quality plastering, you need to carefully prepare the surfaces of wooden walls and ceilings, for applying plaster. It is necessary to clean them of various pollution. Wooden surface of the walls of the smooth – treat by notch or cut to get a rough surface. The walls are wrapped with a special fight (boat), or made by dranular shields. The lumen of the size of the cells is 45 by 45 millimeters. Shields on the walls are located at an angle of forty -five degrees, in relation to the wooden floor. For their fastening, nails are used – plastering. If you sew, located vertically, then the nails are clogged through two dranular intersections to the third. With a horizontal location of the shield – through one. Dranca (Drani) can be nailed and scattered, but then, it is necessary to make a special template with slots. The end of the pranis, be sure to nail to the wall. Nails are placed, and are nailed in the center, this scrap. Drani, it is better to moisten with water so that it does not split. Its ends are not completely connected. A small gap is left so that there is no gap of plaster. Shield stuffing begins from the bottom up, along the wall to the ceiling. Then stuff them on the ceiling. In wet rooms (in bathrooms, kitchens, washbasins, showers, and so on), first of all, it is necessary to waterproof walls and ceilings. Only then, fill the shields, or solitary drum. After performing all these works, you can start plaster ceilings and walls.