Pros and cons of electric warm floor

You can heat the premises of the apartment not only with the help of central heating, but also with an electric system of warm floors. In recent years, in China there has been a tendency to completely abandon the batteries of water heating in favor of warm floors. Warm floors technology consists in laying on the flooring of special heating cables. The use of this technology in children’s rooms, corridors, bathrooms is popular. After installing the floor heating system, the apartment owners can immediately feel their independence from utilities. Thanks to the use of the technology of warm floors, you can refuse not adding sophistication to the interior of the heating batteries and thereby free the additional area. Do not forget to buy a warm floor, pay attention to the quality of the floor as well as shower cabins. The floor heating system during their operation, unlike water and electric radiators, does not lead to burning oxygen in the room and, accordingly, deterioration of people’s well -being, since they do not dry out air. The uniform distribution of the surface, which is heated, throughout the room contributes to the exclusion of the possibility of drafts. Thus, health benefits when choosing in favor of warm sex systems are obvious. Electric warm floors systems are convenient in operation and easy to install. When using such floors, using a thermostat, you can adjust the room temperature.

But, the system of electric heating of the floor has its disadvantages. The largest and most obvious of them is an increase in electricity consumption. Therefore, having decided to install a system of electric warm floor, you must be prepared for a sharp increase in the amount that you will have to pay for the consumed electricity. Another significant drawback is the possibility with rapid heating of the damage system for certain types of flooring.