How to lay linoleum on a wooden floor

Quite often, before the private consumer who decided to carry out cosmetic repairs in an apartment or house outside the city, a question arises, compiling the need for linoleum flooring on the floor of wood. This interest arises in the vast majority of people, due to the absent desire to care for a wooden floor requiring the use of special cleaners, and most importantly taking away a lot of precious time. Of course, to care for floors, on top of which linoleum is much easier. There are absolutely no special care requirements using special detergents. The floors covered with linoleum can easily be led to order and cleanliness, by using the most ordinary rag wound on a mop or just a broom, however, now this is not about that.

If you are seriously interested in the question of: how to lay a linoleum on a wooden floor, in order to always feel all comfort and convenience on yourself, it will be better to trust an experienced styling master in order to initially maximize the smoothness and evenness of the coating. The difficulty stopping the nature that arises in front of private consumers, only gathering to perform linoleum flooring over a wooden floor, is to achieve the best smoothness with perfect evenness, without the slightest bloating and islands formed by the presence of an air cushion. By the way, to use decorative carnations here, naunching them linoleum to the floors of wooden boards, it is categorically not recommended. Otherwise, it is possible to significantly worsen the convenience of walking along linoleum nailed around the perimeter with cloves.

In such a primitive way, the residents of the colorless USSR laid linoleum on the wooden floor, where there were no so many adhesive compositions that are present in the conditions of the current Russian market. I will say that in order to put linoleum on wooden floors with success and achieve, thereby, the ideal conditions of convenience with comfort, do not require super professional skills and knowledge! The main thing is to clearly follow the recommendations of experts, and it is better to enlist their advisory support in these matters, initially minimizing all the potential difficulties of this difficult process.