Protection of a wooden house from decay

Wooden houses are of great popularity. These materials are environmentally friendly and the most popular are glued beams and logs. Lumber need constant protection and care, and then they will last several decades.

For a long time, impregnation of wood from decay was carried out by a salt solution or oil. Survival of the surface was rarely used. This is necessary to prevent the multiplication of microorganisms in the tree, which cause fungus and mold. These methods are quite good, but today more effective ways to protect.

They should be provided at the stage of designing the house. The base should be overestimated above the ground by 30 centimeters. Between the Earth and the base, the ventilation element and the waterproofing layer should be laid. Sheathe a house with a gap so that ventilation is present. After the construction work, the house should dry for some time. To do this, during the year, facing work should be done indoors.

Reliable wood protection can be achieved when using chemical reagents. They are divided into canned and disinfecting. These substances, having penetrated the structure of the tree, are not washed out. They are effective for 50 years. The compositions do not smell, but are toxic, so you need to use them only outside the house.

For internal protection, you can use an antiseptic reagent. This composition is not toxic, does not have a smell and does not change the color of the tree. The duration of protection depends on the thickness of the layer covered on the wood. Protection lasts for 50 years.

During living in the house, preventive measures are a lot of important. For this, the composition with the titanium oxide is suitable. Impregnation with this solution will not only prevent the propagation of microorganisms, but also improve the gas permeability of the tree.