Reliable water supply – the key to comfort in the house

Living in a city apartment, we think about water supply only at those moments when our neighbors breaks through the pipe or when the score for housing and communal services.

But, if you have plans to build a country house in your plans, you should first think about water supply, since water is also an important component of construction solutions and a substance that locks concrete.

Outside the city, water can be obtained from various sources: village water supply, well, well, various lakes, ponds, rivers.

If not far from the construction site is a reservoir, it is quite possible to use water from there. It will be quite useful for the preparation of construction solutions, since it does not require drinking quality.

If reservoirs are near him, you should think about the construction of a well, or wells for water.

The complexity and cost of the well depend on the region and the characteristics of the breeds that lie there. So, for example, the drilling of wells in Barnaul will cost much cheaper than in a mountainous area, where hard magmatic breeds lie. Unlike the well, the well gives a significantly smaller amount of water, but its quality is incomparably higher.

You can use water from a well for construction only by gradually filling it with a cumulative tank from which it will be spent.

The construction of the well is much less financially burdensome, but it all depends on the skills of people who build it. So, water may not be found at an acceptable depth within the boundaries of your site, or it will be mineral, with a high salt content. You cannot use such water for construction and cooking.