Technical examination of elevators

When you live in a multi -storey building and live, thereby far from the very first floors, you constantly use the will of various circumstances such a miracle as an elevator. Each elevator requires the necessary technical examination. Technical examination of elevators must be carried out for safety in convenience in the use of residents or people who use elevators in public buildings.

If you need, find a company that will engage in an examination, then you need to contact the company Tüv Süd Rus, which gives all guarantees for using only a safe elevator. Tüv Süd Rus is engaged in the examination and certification of elevators, which fully meet all the necessary requirements of euro curls and mechanized equipment directives.

This company differs from others in that it has its own landmarks that help them assess stability, reliability and most importantly of elevators of elevators. Otrasli/Infrastruktura/Stroitielnaia-Infrastruktura/Lifty-I-E-E-E-E-E-Y-Eshkalatory you can consult professional specialists who will answer, control your drawings, calculate their accuracy and give them the existing risk, approve or not tenders, provide computers to computers. Noah the ADIASYSTEM® system, and we will also be able to carry out all the necessary negotiations with manufacturers from design to installation;

If you personally want to meet with the leaders of our company on questions of interest to you, you can come to the address of the city of Moscow, Verkhnyaya Oilva Street House 20 or call + 7 495 221 18 04. You can also send us fax + 7 495 229 02 35 or throw an application for an electronic mailbox TuEV@Tuev-SED.