What are the types of its finishes

One of the serious problems that all owners of modern wooden houses will have to solve the decoration of the premises. Since wood is a fairly whimsical material, it will be necessary to take measures to protect its structure from decay, external damage, to prevent the possibility of absorbing home -made odors. Various wooden houses are built from different wood of wood, and it is important not to regret the time to study its features in order to correctly choose a combination of the type of wood and the type of finishing material.

Ways to finish the surface of a wooden house

Starting to the finish, first we decide for ourselves the question of what way we will do this. There are different technologies for the manufacture of mixtures and covering compositions, but they are divided into two large groups.

Tinting coatings. Such compounds rush deep into the wood, into several layers, due to which it acquires the corresponding coloring. It should only be remembered that in this way all the walls of the room cannot be painted – the same impregnation can give various color shades in different areas, these are the properties of wood rocks. And also affects how exactly in this place the tree was detached or even cut.

Protective coatings. Unlike tinting, such compounds do not penetrate anywhere, but rather form a clean and smooth surface.

The main question: what to do with the toxicity of coatings? Modern chemical developments allow you to create water -based compounds, which significantly reduces their toxicity. Such a coating does not distinguish any harmful substances, and in addition, it does not deteriorate, does not turn yellow over time. You can even choose an impregnation that protects your wooden house from ultraviolet radiation of the sun. In addition, impregnations for wood are matte and glossy. If you use a glossy protective coating along with glossy impregnation, this can double the shine of the surface of your house. We recommend that you choose the impregnations of lighter tones. In which case they will be much easier to subsequently darken.