Removal of outgoing gases.

• using natural traction (fireplace).

• using forced traction (turbo)

The cauldron of the boiler.

Boilers are produced with different types of ignition (piezoroszhig and electronic ignition).

Devices that ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

• Flame presence sensor (gas is turned off when flame gets).

• The thermostat is blocking (the boiler is completely turned off if the water temperature rises more permissible).

• Automatic shutdown device for the boiler (when the power supply falls on it)

• Blocking of the boiler with an unauthorized gas shutdown.

• traction control sensor

• a device that turns off the boiler with an insufficient volume of the coolant.

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The cost of the boiler. Considering a similar floor boiler, it can be noted that the wall boiler at a cost below is about 2 times below.

Installation. The boiler is conveniently mounted. It is compact, has a modern design. Its installation can practically be made anywhere without violating the interior of the room.

We hope that after weighing all the pros and cons, you choose the most optimal option