Advantages and disadvantages.

In the modern world, the quality of wooden materials is characterized by compliance with international standards. They should be environmentally friendly, have the necessary stability, practicality, long -term use, safety. Aesthetic appearance should also be at a high level. In this regard, it has now become popular to sprinkle wooden products.

The venction consists in applying a thin layer of wood to the main wooden surface. Such a processing measure can improve the quality of the product and give it attractiveness.

It is worth noting that the veneer is red -reduced, reconstructed and natural. Many products amplified, including elite furniture for the living room, which is made from noble wood,.

The veneer obtained by hot pressing is widely used in the production of furniture products. The essence of the procedure is to install veneer on the substrate using a special press. Also, this equipment allows you to glue the veneer to the main surface with the possibility of forming volumetric elements.

Products that have undergone such processing are sophisticated, outwardly attractive, comfortable and comfortable. A feature of such products is high moisture resistance, so they can be safely placed in the bathroom, bathhouse or sauna. It should be emphasized that the venction gives the coating additional heat – and the soundproofing properties.

Such elements differ in lower cost compared to parts in the production of which massive wood prevails.