Self -leveling mixtures

To prepare the basis for linoleum or parquet, you must definitely take care of the even surface of the base. If the surface is crooked or uneven, then the parquet or the board will pass over time and begin to crack, linoleum peel off. In order for this not to happen, you can use self -leveling mixtures, with the help of which you can achieve a perfectly flat floor.

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Before pouring a self -leveling mixture on the base, it costs to primulse with emulsion, which will improve spreading and increase adhesion. Next, you need to determine the irregularity of the surface, this is done by searching for the highest and lowest point of the base. It must be remembered that at the highest point there may be the thinnest layer, the value of which should be no less minimum value indicated by the manufacturer of the mixture. The degree of irregularity can be checked by applying a long even rail to the surface, measuring the thickness of the future sexes obtained between the base and the Raika.

Mixture manufacturers repeatedly declare that their products are not intended for working with large areas and floor repair. For these purposes, there are mixtures, they are used before filling the self -leveling mass to reduce its expenses.

Self -tapping screws fit the sheets. Of course, this method has a minus – the appearance of rust is possible. To avoid this, it is advisable to use specialized screws for this type of work, or rivets equipped with hermetic laying.