Types of fireplaces

At the moment, many different types of fireplaces are used. So there are fireplaces open and closed, standing separately and built into the wall.

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By the way, according to many experts, the most acceptable option is built -in fireplaces, since they do not take away as much space as those standing separately and, in addition, they are more reliable.

Quite often the chimney and the firebox attach close to the wall. In some cases, they are even decorated with a special falsity. Typically, such fireplaces are installed in an already built and inhabited house, and as for the purpose of their installation, this is clearly not an attempt to provide the house with an additional means of heating, but simply the desire to transform the house or realize a long -standing dream.

Many will agree that no matter what the house is and that it is not equipped in it, after installing the fireplace, everything will become secondary, since the cabin will become the central figure of the whole house. Although it is worth noting that such fireplaces can heat at least the room in which they cost. There are also options for fireplaces that can heat the air in two adjacent rooms. Such fireplaces are made in a separating wall, and their firebox is always through, that is, through it you can see part of the next room.