Small -scale and medium -scale shootings

Small -scale and medium -scale shootings

Large -scale shootings from 1: 10,000 and larger are used to compose reservoir cards. Such shootings are based on accurate geometric constructions and are performed using phototheodolite planned and high -altitude links of observation points, t. e. instrumental.

Small -scale and medium -scale shootings are performed: the first using aneroid, the second – in addition, using phototheodolite planned and high -altitude bindings of the most important supporting points. Maps are accompanied by geological cuts.

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The engineering and geological card, as already noted, should contain data on the properties of rocks. But the breeds of the same site or area on maps of different scale can be represented, as we already know, in different ways; T. e. with varying degrees of detail. On small -scale maps, only systems, departments, subdivles or tiers can be shown, t. e. large stratigraphic units of high power. Even the smallest of these. units (tiers) can reach many tens of meters of power. Of course, such strata will differ in a variegated composition and we can talk about their properties only by the totality of various components of their components and, moreover, in the general form. It is possible, for example, to characterize these breeds as rocky, coherent or incoherent, and this will already be the same of their qualitative engineering-geological assessment, which may have a certain practical significance.

On the medium -sales cards, you can show already separate horizons or even layers of rocks. This allows, with lithological uniformity of rocks, it is to characterize them with generalized indicators of density, plasticity, water permeability, clutch, friction, and with a variegated composition, they can be characterized by indicators of weathering, fracture, welding, subsidence, and water permeability.