Sound insulators

Sound insulators of walls

Extraneous noises deprive even the most balanced and calm people. At the present time, it is difficult to imagine comfort in which it is not possible to separate from the repair of neighbors, from the noise of neighboring children and from endless noise from the street.

Every resident of multi -storey buildings faced this problem. But owners of private houses also suffer from sounds from the street. The noise is divided into two categories, it is shock and air noise

The easiest way to get rid of shock sound. This can be done using multi -layer walls, that is, the walls should consist of sheets of the necessary building materials, between which the space for the air cavity is needed. In this structure, vibration fades faster.

From air noise, it is better in this design, using mineral wool. Thickness, the soundproof layer should be 40-50 mm. Drywall is placed on top of the soundproofing material.

To achieve the best sound insulation, these two methods must be combined.

But at the same time, the thickness of the walls will increase. And the room will become smaller. If the dimensions of the room do not allow the walls to reduce the walls, then you can try to extinguish the sound by hanging a carpet or a massive picture on the wall. Thus, you will reduce the noise from your neighbors, but do not solve this problem.