Terrazite plaster

Plaster takes first place in popularity when decorating internal and external walls of houses and apartments. It has a number of advantages in comparison with similar types of decoration, among them – the low price, aligning properties, the ability to create an individual interior in a dwelling.

Terrazite plaster gained quite widespread. This type of decoration is a dry plaster mixture, 35% of which is Portland cement, and the binding properties are created by lime part of the composition. Various sands (marble, quartz), marble flour, mica and so on are used as a filler. The filler in the mixture can have a size of 1 to 6 mm, depending on what result the master wants to see. By the way, after repair, do not forget to read here “Istok-5”.UA This information will be useful to you.

Before applying the decorative layers, the working surface must be very moistened with water. Further, terrace plaster is applied to the surface in the normal way. The number of application techniques depends on the thickness of the covering layer. Then the plaster is allowed to dry, this may require at least 24 hours.

Next move to the surface cycles. For this, a special grater is used, into which nails are driven in a checkerboard pattern with an interval of 15 mm from each other. This grater passes on the surface of the facial layer.