The advantages of wooden windows

The advantages of wooden windows are primarily a long -term guarantee for windows that is five years. For the production of windows, an uninhabited beam is used in length, due to which it is possible to avoid the likelihood of cracks in the scorching sites and helps to obtain a whole structure. Painting a wooden window can be combined. On the one hand, it will be in harmony with the facade of the building, and on the other, it will be selected in accordance with the interior solution.

Windows at any time played the role of the protection of the house. At the same time, a tree of different breeds was used for a long time to create windows. In our country, wooden frames also installed for a very long time only for the reason that such a material did not have a worthy competitor at all. But in the 90s, the active spread of PVC packages began, which quickly began to displace wooden windows that can be purchased at

As for the wooden windows, they currently dominate either in the segment of the lower price, or in very expensive. The windows are created from different types of wood, only to use wood of different species when creating one window is not allowed. Glorous beam is also actively used when creating wooden windows, which allows you to improve the quality of wooden material.

Glued beam is used now to obtain a high -quality product. When using an array, windows can be created from the whole part of the barrel or from the edge of its. In the latter version, the windows will not have too good quality, so it is recommended to pay attention to glued beam, which holds perfectly and has a long service life.