Methods of redevelopment of the premises

Apartment with an ideal layout – the phenomenon is quite rare. Such luck is not accompanied by far from everyone. Everyone has their own list of requirements, but finding housing that would satisfy all the wishes is quite difficult. Therefore, it is better not to waste time searching for the apartment of your dreams, but to engage in the embodiment of the project. With the help of redevelopment of Khrushchev or an apartment in an old house will radically transform.

There are many options and ideas, the key to success lies in your imagination. The redevelopment of the premises can be two types. One of them consists in combining the premises in order to expand the space, and the other involves disconnecting part of the room in order to distinguish functional zones.

If you bought an apartment in a panel house, you will probably want to unite the living room with the kitchen, highlighting part of the common space under the dining room. After removing the partition, the room will visually increase. On the border of the zone, which will serve the living room, you can put the sofa, and install the bar between the kitchen corner and the dining room.

When performing redevelopment, it is very important to remember that the supporting walls are prohibited. On the lower floors, one cannot get involved in the destruction of the partitions, on the upper floors such work can be done bolder. If you have doubts about security, it is better to consult with experienced specialists.

The option with uniting the room is more relevant in block multi -apartment buildings. Very often, owners of apartments in such buildings have a desire to annex the loggia to the room. Such actions, from the point of view of sanitary standards, are unacceptable. A beautiful stained glass window could be a great solution. It is impossible to combine a balcony with a room in Stalinks, brick houses and Khrushchevs for technical reasons.