The use of bouncers in the water supply system

Today it is almost impossible to imagine a full -fledged water supply system, or a heating system without pipes and other concomitant pipeline reinforcement. In addition, depending on the type of pipes without connecting elements, one cannot do without. Just thanks to the connecting elements, water supply and heating systems are installed. The bounces are made of a variety of materials, such as cast iron, black steel, non -ferrous metals and stainless pipe. The characteristic features of the use of bouncers are that they are used to change the direction of the pipeline consisting of pipes, and which is located at a certain angle of inclination. The bounces are used to connect the pipe by welding and are used to dock pipes of the same diameter. As in everything, the duration of the life of the entire pipeline system directly depends on the quality of these connecting elements. That is why, the control of the quality of these products pays special attention to each batch of bounces, at almost any self -respecting factory is subjected to very thorough verification and meticulous analysis.