Types of colors

Types of colors

Today, technology and fashion are not standing still, so interest in designers and construction companies is growing, and of course in the spectrum of colors. And now you can find many types of colors, and everything will depend on the basis of manufacture. This includes alkyd paints, silicate, adhesive and emulsion.

Alkyd paints, they can include oil paints that have the basis of olifs and enamel, these paints can be used inside the rooms and outside, and suitable for wooden and metal surfaces. The site is now popular

Silicate paints, they are attributed to mineral paints, as it is produced from liquid glass. Will help protect the structure from fires. When painting surfaces, the paint should be diluted with water.

Emulsion paints, there are a great many of them, also suitable for painting any surfaces.

Adhesive paints are made from the water base and organic polymers.

The color of any paint can be selected at the enterprise, today it does it all easily and quickly. But when choosing a paint, a lot should be taken into account, putty, soil, and the quality of the prepared surface, and of course from the very type of paint. And in this case it is worth knowing about the advantages of the selected paint for repair.